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What is this NEET entrance exam all about?
I’m not here to make any analysis of colleges or number seats in medical colleges, but I’m speaking from my heart and teaching experiences…
Every student who joins in B.P.C stream dream of becoming a doctor. Getting into good medical colleges in India is again a big uphill task for the students. Students who are from M/Bi.P.C are having a double advantage in their NEET preparation. But by proper scientific preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses of our preparation we can easily make our dream to become a reality. It’s a common point that students in NEET preparation have strong preparation edge in biology and chemistry, physics is a spanner in a wheel where it decides the fate of our preparation in NEET ENTRANCE EXAM.As it’s a national entrance exam with negative marking be smart in your time management and attempting of questions. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are but how best you are attempting maximum number question without fear and confusion.
Too many cooks make curry spoil and don’t go on hunting for reference books which are available in the market. As reading too many reference books you land nowhere in your preparation. Just stick to your basics and follow few good reference books which add value in preparation levels.
JS Academy has the highest success rate in making students crack medical entrance exam at the national level. Wishing all the best for students endeavor in their entrance test preparation