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BITSAT 2018 pattern and in general strategic preparation metho ds .
BITSAT contains 150 question total,with a split up of
Math : 45 questions
Physics : 40 questions
Chemistry : 40 questIons
English : 15 questions
Logical Reasoning : 10 questions
TOTAL : 150 questions
Each correct answer : +3 marks
Each wrong Answer : -1 mark
Each unattempted question: zero marks
Total time : 3 Hours without a break
Insights into bitsat exam preparation
U need to be smart in time management,with maximum time consumption of 72 seconds.
Never give too guesses
Keep yourself calm and composed and first finish off all the questions you are confident of
answering them
There is no time limit to any section u are in for attempting of questions.So u can flip flop your
questions in any direction.
CUT OFF MARK : U should be rock solid in your preparation with 330+/450..
Sources of Books for BITSAT preparation:NCERT TEXT BOOKS,one good reference book and
bitsat comprehensive all in one material to have 360 degrees practice